We handle a large number of apartment and flat sales in and around Cheltenham each year. It is highly noticeable that the blocks who have appointed Coupe Property Consultants have experienced property managers at the helm with Jo and her team unfailingly generous with their time on any issues we encounter along the way, invaluable in a property market which is highly sensitive. Highly recommended.
Jason Maurice, Director, Read Maurice
I work with Jo Coupe and Coupe Property Consultants in connection with a number of joint clients. Jo is very dedicated and always happy to go the extra mile for her clients, as well as being incredibly well organised. She is a pleasure to work with.
Rachel Stewart, Director, Hughes Paddison Solicitors
We find Coupe Estate’s management to be professional, friendly, approachable and we enjoy working with the team as they provide support & information to residents to comply with the legal and tax responsibilities of residential block management.
Paul Cox, Manager, Paish Tooth Accountants
I have not met Johanne before last month, as I wished the appointment of an independent and objective professional. I must say that I think that she has gone above and beyond the call of duty. I can see why she is the most respected property manager in Cheltenham. Her reputation is unsurpassed and in my many years of dealing with block management, you rarely find one of Johanne’s calibre.
Terry Croft, Property Developer, Cheltenham
As a Chartered Building Surveyor it is a pleasure to work with Coupe Property Consultants who understand the intricacies of dealing with substantial residential buildings, often prestigious and Listed. Not only grasping matters that need immediate action but also understanding the needs of the occupiers to safeguard their investment into the future. Coupe Property Consultants plan service charge works in a sensible and cost effective way, bringing buildings into a state of repair commensurate with their status and taking a positive approach to those properties that may not have had such a proactive management team in the past. For example I have recently been engaged to assist Coupe Property Consultant’s team with cataloguing and assessing a back logs of repairs that have been causing issues to owners and occupiers of a block of over 30 flats for many years. Following Directors and Lessee meetings, the extent of works have now been agreed and are planned to start as a rolling programme in 2015. This protects the building and ultimately will lower the service charge, having addressed some of the fundamental maintenance issues that had reappeared year after year under the previous Estate Managers.
Nicola OConnor BSc Hons MRICS, Chartered Building Surveyor, Eve Building Consultancy
As a letting agent with a large portfolio of rental property, we deal with many block management companies in relation to repairs, insurance claims and use of communal parts, and have always found the people at Coupe Property Consultants to be approachable, pro-active and professional in dealing with building management issues.
Patricia Fleming, General Manager, Morgan Associates Ltd
At RA Flatt Residential Lettings we deal with a lot of Coupe Property Consultants management companies and I find Coupe Property Consultants friendly and easy to deal with, but most importantly they deal with any maintenance issues quickly and efficiently.
John Preece, Director, RA-Flatt
We deal with Coupe Property Consultants regularly when buying and selling properties they manage. They are always very efficient and helpful and provide an excellent service to assist the sale or purchase to progress smoothly.
Heidi Aitken, Partner, Pinkerton Leeke Solicitors
Kirkham Pryer have over the last 2-3 years regularly worked in conjunction with Coupe Property Consultants in the care, maintenance and upkeep of their property portfolio. Lead by Chartered Surveyor Johanne Coupe FRICS, the company gives the highest priority to providing an individual tailored and personal service to their clients, which is reflected in the quality and standard of the buildings under their management. KP are pleased to be endorsing Chartered Surveyors Estates and forsee a continued successful future for the company.
Chris Pryer FRICS, Director, Kirkham Pryer Chartered Surveyors
I am impressed with your efficiency and we all look forward to continuing good relations with you and your company regarding the management of our properties. (To put that slightly less formally you’re amazing! I am certainly not used to having immediate responses from people I write to with business queries; neither am I used to having helpful answers that don’t need to be followed up again and again. I think I am in a state of shock right now!).
AH, Leaseholder Cheltenham
…the difference between dealing with you and our last Management Company is as extreme as the difference between night and day. I can’t thank you enough.
RH, Germany
I just want to say how nice it was to meet you and what a relief it was for me as the newcomer, to attend such a well run and professional AGM.
LC, Cheltenham
I would like to formally thank you for all your hard work. I am extremely impressed with the service you offer.
KF, Loughborough
Thank you so much for all your help today. It’s very reassuring to know that at last we are dealing with a Management Company that is efficient and on the ball.
JB, Nailsworth
Congratulations and thank you for handling the AGM tonight so skilfully. We have never had such a trouble free AGM!.
RB, Cheltenham
I am delighted with the “breath of fresh air” that Coupe Property Consultants has brought to our block.
RB, Cheltenham
I would like to thank Sheila for recommending Coupe Property Consultants as an alternative to our existing estate management company. Jo is doing a fantastic job cleaning up the previous mess left behind. She has revealed some shocking findings and she is ploughing through them with super professionalism.
SH, Cheltenham
We have also experienced similar problems as you describe below, with past management companies, but have no such concerns with Coupe Property Consultants, and have no hesitation in recommending them. Coupe Property Consultants have been managing three apartment blocks, in which I have an interest, for the past 12 months. We have been impressed with their professionalism, in all areas of block management, as well as their appreciation of the fact that these buildings are people’s homes, and not commercial buildings. All three blocks run smoothly and efficiently with the directors being kept informed on a regular basis. If you decide to instruct Coupe Property Consultants I am sure you will benefit from the same level of service.
IW, Cheltenham
Thank you for your excellent chairing of the meeting last night. It all went very well.
ME, Cheltenham
Thank you Jo, your company has been very helpful. I’m very impressed with your service.
RV, Oxford
Please express my thanks to the team at Coupe Property Consultant’s for all your support over 2014. Without the team at Coupe Property Consultants we would be lost and you really all do make our lives easier.
RH, Berlin
Since employing Coupe Property Consultants, the Directors have felt confident in discussing the future of the property with knowledgeable people. They have been able to make sensible assessments of the ongoing costs of the property both from an enhancement point of view and a long term maintenance aspect.
JH, Cheltenham
Coupe Property Consultants has shown considerable aptitude and enthusiasm for managing our property. They have had an amazing impact on the financial and routine maintenance. They have been instrumental in initiating many cost saving procedures. They demonstrate a high level quality service which has been second to none.
KF, Cheltenham